June 12, 2019

Robert A. Swift 2019 Citizen Diplomat of the Year

Citizen Diplomacy International recognizes Robert A. Swift PhD, a pioneer in human rights litigation, for his groundbreaking work in pursuit of justice for human rights victims around the world.

For more than 30 years, Swift has worked to secure justice for victims of human rights abuses, including people murdered during the Holocaust; people tortured and disappeared by former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand E. Marcos; and Korean forced laborers from World War II. He has been recognized by his peers on numerous occasions both locally and nationally. In 1995, the National Law Journal named him one of the 10 best trial attorneys in the United States and in 2013, the University of Denver’s Law School presented him with a prestigious human rights awards for his achievements in human rights jurisprudence. He has also served on the boards of Haverford College and Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education.

Philadelphia welcomes over 1,200 international exchange visitors each year. Democracy and human rights justice are two of our most popular programs. 2019 is Citizen Diplomacy’s 65th year and along with honoring Robert Swift, we are highlighting Philadelphia’s place as a national leader for democratic ideals, rule of law and free press.

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