Citizen Diplomat Academy:Tracy Patterson

Tracey Patterson

Philadelphia, United States

I am a 20 year old African American woman from Philadelphia, PA. I am one of 9 children and am the first to graduate high school and attend college. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Biology at Community College of Philadelphia. I plan on pursuing a career in medicine and learning how eastern medicine practices can be integrated into western medicine. As a doctor, I plan to bring more awareness to the struggles of people dealing with mental health issues and making it less stigmatized and shameful.

Why did you pursue international exchange?

I want to connect with young people my age from Egypt in order to understand their perspective on the issues that connect us. For there to be change across the globe on issues such as climate change, Covid-19, and economic inequality, we must be able to foster connection and see each other’s humanity. While we have a lot in common as human beings, I also know that our cultures are very different. Through our diverse experiences and perspectives, together we may be able to develop insights to benefit each other. I believe this program will give me a strong foundation of friendship and connection as I move forward in my education and future career.

“I’ve never traveled before. Egypt has never really been specifically on my one of my travel points, but I would definitely want to visit now. Just because of the people that I have interacted with. They seem like they enjoy it and I think that I would enjoy it.”

Top Ideas Learned

  • Be passionate about one thing and choose what you want to do with that.
  • Communicate effectively and fight for your ideas , but also know when to stop with an idea if it is just not going to work , which is the hardest thing to do.

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