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Sister Cities Program

Philadelphia is officially linked with 8 Sister Cities and 3 Partnership Cities in 10 countries.  Areas of cooperation include:

- Economic development & trade
- Youth and education
- Municipal and technological cooperation
- Arts
- Sports & culture

The Sister Cities program links Philadelphia to the world by creating special relationships with the ten  Sister and Partnership cities and one "Partners for Peace" city with the Iraqi city, Mosul.

At the heart of the Sister Cities program is an agreement signed by the mayors of each city confirming their commitment, and that of their successors, to the program. Each Sister City agrees to send and receive delegations of political and business leaders, arts and cultural representatives, educators, technical experts, and students. By building friendships between the residents and governments of Philadelphia and our Sister Cities, we:

  • Promote a positive image of Philadelphia and the U.S.
  • Educate our citizens about the world and its diversity
  • Promote tolerance and mutual understanding among nations
  • Strengthen our economies through business alliances 
  • And promote democracy through government-to-government exchanges

The City of Philadelphia's Sister Cities Program, a member of Sister Cities International, is funded by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and is administered by Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia, which works with the Office of the City Representative, committees, and partners to execute official exchanges.  Each Sister City is supported by volunteers who are committed to the goals and objectives of the program.

Adding New Sister Cities

As much as we'd like to have a Sister City in every country, the economics of maintaining relationships doesn't permit it.  At this time, Philadelphia is unable to accept additional Sister Cities because we are committed to strengthening the relationships with the ten cities with which we have established relationships.  Our hope is to add more in the future.  When we do, it is essential that there is a large local ethnic community and an established organization within the community to support each Sister City relationship. It is equally important that anyone interested in requesting that a new city be considered, contact our office for advice.