Kobe is situated between the Rokko Mountains and the blue Seto Inland Sea and is where Kobe beef originates from, as well as one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, Arima Onsen.

After a major earthquake struck the city in 1995, Kobe pushed to revitalize industrial areas on the waterfront and inland. Over 100 international corporations and numerous research institutes are headquartered in Kobe, making it a hub for innovation and biotech. Japan’s fourth busiest port, the city’s shipping is also a key economic driver.

One notable exchange was when Philadelphia’s String Theory Performing Arts Charter High School hosted students from Kobe Municipal Rokko Island High School and Fukiai Senior High School for an educational exchange to as part of the 30th Sister City Anniversary celebrations.


Population: 1,537,272

Partnership Began: October 17, 1986

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