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Membership with Citizen Diplomacy can introduce you to peers from all over the world who share your passion for a more peaceful and prosperous world. Person-to-person engagement opportunities give you the chance to network socially and professionally. Going global has never been easier.

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Going global has never been easier

CDI VIP Circles of Membership annual meeting

VIP Circles of Membership

Made up of dedicated supporters that share a passion for international affairs, members of Circle Memberships are committed to Philadelphia thriving as a global city.

Circle members enjoy exclusive benefits including invitations to intimate VIP programs and events with international guests, conversations with the CEO, and updates on international diplomacy issues.

These memberships also give exclusive opportunities to serve as key representatives of Philadelphia while meeting with high-level international delegates and Citizen Diplomacy leadership. Includes up to two in a household.

Minister Circle Membership $83.33/month 
Consul Circle Membership $41.66/month 
Vice-Consul Circle Membership $20.83/month

CDI diplomat memers

Diplomat Membership

Join Philadelphia's international community. Network with seasoned international professionals. Serve as an ambassador for Citizen Diplomacy efforts in Philadelphia by hosting professional appointments with international guests. Receive free admission to Diplomacy & Dialogue, First Thursday events, plus you can bring one new guest each month. Special members-only discounts are available for ticketed events. Once our international guests return, members receive first-option dinner hosting opportunities with international delegates, inviting scholars and professional peers for dinner in your home/restaurant as well as career-related professional appointments. Plus, hear the most up-to-date stories, news and facts on Philadelphia's citizen diplomacy efforts in our email series.

Diplomat Membership $8.33/month
Young Diplomat Membership $5.41/month (for young professionals 21–35 years old)

Your membership level is determined based on the total gift you make over the course of one year through your monthly contributions. For example, if you choose to give $25 a month, you will be a Global Givers Club member at the Vice Consul Circle. All memberships are tax-deductible. To increase your monthly impact or cancel your membership, please email Andrea Silva at andrea.silva@cdiphila.org.

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Have Questions?

Email Andrea Silva, Director of Development

Citizen Diplomacy International is an international relations organization that works in partnership with the U.S. State Department to make friends with the world's new leaders and develop relationships for Philadelphia area businesses, cultural and educational institutions. We administer the Philadelphia's Sister Cities Program, which links the City with 11 cities in ten countries.

A copy of our official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State, by calling, within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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