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November 11-19

Home Stay Hosting: Polish NGO Development and Fundraising Fellows

The Congressional Office for International Leadership (COIL) is bringing 5 experts in NGO Development and Fundraising from Poland and 1 facilitator to Philadelphia. This Open World program will provide insight as to building the capacities of Polish NGOs, turning them into credible and well-rounded organizations and impactful in their fields. Programming would cover a wide variety of topics, including the core concepts and values of a non-governmental organization; organizational strategic planning; project cycle management; fundraising and sustainability; PR and social marketing; financial management; leading and managing people, and carrying out advocacy campaigns.

Founded in 1999 by Congress, the Open World program, administered by COIL, supports international outreach efforts for Members of Congress by conducting exchanges that establish lasting professional relationships between emerging leaders in Russia, Ukraine, and others in the Balkans, Caucuses, Central Asia and Eastern Europe and their U.S. counterparts. Program participants are provided with extensive exposure to American politics, accountable governance, and citizen diplomacy while being home-hosted by American families.

Homestay Host

If you have an extra bedroom, then you are ready to be a homestay host. By sharing your home with a guest you can bring a global perspective directly to your door! You will hear unique perspectives and professional backgrounds of professional emerging leaders selected and vetted to participate in prestigious leadership exchange programs. Our international visitors are eager to learn about life through your eyes. You may find the best connections between people often happen in the most informal moments of our day.

We are seeking volunteers to host 1 -2 visitors in your home overnight for one week. As a host, you are asked to make available a continental breakfast and some dinners, and weekend activities. Fellows will have meetings and activities planned during the work week.

Polish speakers are preferred but not required.

If you have a spare room, then a new friend and special memories are here to be made!

Read Home Stay Hosting FAQS.

Pick up and Host dinner Friday, November 11, 2022, 5-6 pm at Citizen Diplomacy International Offices, 30 S. 15th Street, 15th Floor, Pipeline Box 6, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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