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Mayor Jim Kenney & Global Education

Championing Philly as a ‘Welcoming City’, Mayor Kenney greets diplomatic delegations from our Sister Cities throughout the year. But he also takes time to see the results of Sister City High School Exchanges. Pictured here, Mayor Kenney learns how to make pasta from students who traveled to Florence seeking a global culinary education. “We’re incredibly grateful that our students were given this wonderful opportunity,” said Mayor Kenney. “Experiences like this trip show our students that the world is their classroom, inspiring them to uncover new interests and further their passions.” Many thanks to our wonderful partners at the Mayor’s Office of Education, the School District and the Free Library for letting us use their amazing kitchen space.

Governor Tom Wolf & Entrepreneurship

Always willing to welcome international business leaders to Philadelphia, Governor Wolf greeted six entrepreneurs as they reflected on their day of meetings discussing business growth strategies. Connie Watson and Pearl Wang-Hererra of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses provided an overview of the program and its success at creating stronger small businesses. The Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
explained their methods to encourage women’s participation in the public and private sectors.

Senator Linda Greenstein & Women in Leadership

Linda Greenstein, a veteran senator from New Jersey, illustrated both the challenges and successes that come with being a woman serving in politics. Our Brazilian visitors had the opportunity to meet with women at all levels of government, from City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell to director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Lola Harper. Represent PA and the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers discussed strategies for training women in campaigning, creating political engagement for young women, and efforts to
create greater female representation at all levels of government.

Councilmembers Al Taubenberger & Bill Greenlee & Sister City Student Exchanges

City Councilmembers and excellent Citizen Diplomats Councilmembers Al Taubenberger and Bill Greenlee officially welcomed students from our Sister City Toruń, Poland at City Hall in March. Philadelphia students are equally welcomed in our Sister Cities abroad. Four delegations of high school students received a diplomatic welcome by the Mayor or City Council in 2018.

Councilmembers & Elections

On the heels of the November elections, City Councilmembers Al Taubenberger and David Oh invited our largest delegation of the year – 47 visitors – to a town hall coordinated by Marc Collazzo in Northeast Philadelphia to hear community input on election results. Our visitors wanted to hear the impressions of minority Republican voters in a majority Democrat community. Former Congressional candidate Bryan Leib met with the group to speak about his campaign experience and how youthful candidates are changing the GOP.

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