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Driving Economic Development

In September, PNC Bank and Saxbys co-hosted a breakfast with prominent members of the business community to welcome a delegation of six business leaders who are working to create successful women-led entrepreneurial efforts at home. Kim Ramirez, angel investor and CEO and
co-founder of FactSumo, discussed how women drive economic development and how to generate local support. To discuss entrepreneurial strategies, the group met with Dawn Chavous, founder and president of Chavous Consulting as well as the Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. Connie Watson and Pearl Wang-Herrera of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses shared their model to grow small businesses. The trip rounded out with a tour of Old City and an evening of dinner hospitality by our wonderful members!

Expanding LGBT Rights and Pride Movements

In April, 12 government and community leaders from Central and SouthAmerica came to Philadelphia to explore minority participation in thepolitical process. Among those they met was Mark Segal, founder andpublisher of the Philadelphia Gay News and president of the National GayNewspaper Guild. He spoke passionately about the history of the LGBTmovement, his involvement in it, and the importance of journalism ingiving a voice to marginalized communities. To the great interest of ourvisitors, he discussed a new City ordinance requiring new buildings tohave gender-neutral bathrooms. Mark made sure to take the time to ask everyone about the LGBT and Pride movements in their home countries.

Building Transparency in Government

The Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Eurasia Program hosted a group of deputy ministers from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in June as part of the Strategeast program. During this visit, program participants had a rich discussion on the challenges facing their countries, as well as the elements of good governance that drive the success of Western democratic institutions. As the birthplace of American democracy, every governance delegation visits Philadelphia’s historic Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center, learning from the past to inform the future.

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