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Will you let the City of Philadelphia massively defund international affairs because of the pandemic?

Citizen Diplomacy is losing 100% of our support from the City of Philadelphia in the most recent Mayor's budget. The $237,000 we received in funding represents just .00005 % of the $4.9 billion City budget. But it is 33% of Citizen Diplomacy's operating funds.

While we will all need to endure cuts and reductions in this new budget, we can't eliminate our revenue generators. The City has found a way to support our international programs for 66 years – through the Cuban Revolution, the Cold War, 9/11; and we need to find a way to do so now.

Citizen Diplomacy needs $150,000 in City investment to survive and contribute to our economic recovery. 

International is critical to our City's economy and our economic recovery. 

  • For every $1 invested by the City of Philadelphia, Citizen Diplomacy brings in $4.32 in direct spending by International Visitors.
  • Citizen Diplomacy injects $2.3 million into our local economy annually and supports jobs in hotels, transportation, tourism and restaurants.
  • International visitors choose Philadelphia for contract partners, send college students here and return as tourists.

Citizen Diplomacy promotes international collaboration that prepares us to address global challenges. 

  • Professionals in public health, emergency management, regulatory standards, biotech and trade policy participate in programs through Citizen Diplomacy International.
  • We are all safer, when the world is better prepared and acting together.

Philadelphia is an important contributor to America's standing in the world. 

  • As the birthplace of democracy, the world looks to Philadelphia.
  • Representing the 6th largest city in America, Citizen Diplomacy International is one of the largest members of the State Department's international visitor programs, welcoming 1,200 international guests from 147 countries each year.
  • Philadelphia exports the best practices in Higher Education & Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Global Trade, Social Justice & Rule of Law, Volunteerism & Civic Activism, Fair Elections & Freedom of Speech

Please support Citizen Diplomacy by reaching out to City Council members in the following ways:

Tweet at a City Council member (See Toolkit for twitter handles)Restore funding to @cdiphila! International is critical for our City's recovery and economic growth. Without Citizen Diplomacy, #PHL will lose international relationships. #GlobalCitizens bring jobs, education and culture to PHL. #ExchangesAre Crucial to #ExpandYourWorld! @Insert City Council Member Twitter handle

Call a City Council member 

Email a City Council member