2020: New Beginnings


Welcome to the New Year! I have exciting things to share with you.

First, our members have been talking about the intersection of food, culture and conversation and how isn’t is all wonderful? So, in 2020, you will be invited to experience peace and understanding through the performing arts through Intercultural Journeys. There are four more shows this spring, see below, that I know you will enjoy.

Next up, we are moving. If you are looking to drop in for a cup of coffee and chat us up about upcoming delegations then you’ll have to walk two blocks to over. As of Jan 27th, Citizen Diplomacy offices are moving to Pipeline Philadelphia at 15th and Ranstead in the Graham Building. You can reach us at the same phone numbers. Save the date for March 5th for Annual Meeting.

?2020 celebrates 100 years since the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Citizen Diplomacy is so excited to be kicking off the new year with Women in Diplomacy, our part of the nationwide Vision 2020 campaign. You can look forward to us sharing stories about brilliant women leading the way all over the world!

Speaking of brilliant women. Philadelphia City Council welcomed three new women to its ranks just last week. I had the pleasure of welcoming into office new City Council members Jaime Gauthier, Kendra Brooks and Katherine Gilmore Richardson. Our elected officials make time to meet with international delegations to ensure Philadelphia’s reputation as America’s most welcoming city. The next time you see your City Council person, please thank them and tell them what Citizen Diplomacy means to you.

Every visitor is a chance for you to begin something new – a friendship, a partnership or business venture or simply plans for a great vacation. A whole new year of connecting to 1,200 new international guests awaits you.

Take care,


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