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International Visitors Council of Philadelphia - IVC
posted June 30, 2012

International Visitor Leadership Program - U.S. Department of State

UPDATE August 16th:  The resumes and letter I've received have topped 70, and thanks to a conference in Raleigh last week I have fallen behind in arranging interviews.  I have been emailing applicants who will not be interviewed to let them know, and intend to arrange either phone interviews or in-person interviews for Friday (tomorrow) and Monday.  I then leave for 10 days in Italy.  If you have not heard from me by Tuesday, 8/21, then you can consider your candidacy to still be under consideration. My thanks for your patience.  I know this is a difficult time for everyone who is looking for a job and I am trying to communicate as much as possible.

UPDATE August 2nd:  I have finished reading the 64 resumes I received and have narrowed the list to 21 people to interview.  I have had just one interview so far and will be calling the other 20 today, Monday and Tuesday, and then finish the calls the following week (I will be out of state at a conference).  

I will send emails to the other 43 people so they are aware of the status of their application.  I am sensitive that it is anxiety-time whenever you send a resume, and I am sorry for the delays.  This will make some people happy and give those who are disappointed the opportunity to move ahead with their searches. 

For those of you who have strong, committed, international interests, you may want to consider attending some of IVC's First Thursdays as my guest.  It's a great way to stay internationally-involved and to meet potential employers.

My thanks to all who applied.  You'll be hearing from me soon.

Kind regards,

UPDATE July: If you have already submitted your letter and resume I know that you are anxious to hear from me.  I am posting this because I have not yet finished reading even a third of the 58 resumes that have come in so far (more arrive every day) and I didn't want anyone to think that the process was finished and they weren't chosen.  No one has been chosen yet even for interviews, let alone to fill the position. 

I am pleased that so many people have an interest in international relations.  This is a very important position to fill on many levels, and a key goal is to find the right person with the best skills and knowledge of Philadelphia who will be with IVC for many, many years.  I take my responsibility of selecting the person for the position very seriously, and knowing there will be many disappointed people makes my job more difficult... so I read even more carefully.

So sit tight.  Watch here for updates, but I doubt I'll be able to start interviewing for another week.

Nancy Gilboy
IVC President/CEO

NOTE:  For anyone with a passion for international relations and an eye for details, this is a much-sought-after position that is rarely available.

ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND: IVC, founded in 1954, is part of a national network of 95 Councils across the U.S. working in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and its Office of International Visitors.  This Citizen Diplomacy Network was nominated in 2001 for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This invitation-only State Department program identifies and invites up-and-coming leaders in a variety of fields to the U.S. to meet their American counterparts, experience American culture and our country’s many diversities – ethnic, geographic and diversity of opinion.  They arrive with a pre-determined program theme that is addressed in the five cities they visit during their 21-days in the U.S.  We compete with the other Councils to have them come to our community based on the resources we have to meet their program theme goals. 

            Themes range from Arts Administration to University Alternative Education, Aviation, Conflict Resolution, Criminal Justice Administration, Grassroots Civic Engagement, International Security Issues, Library Science, State and Local Government, Multiculturalism, Museum Management, Religious Freedom & Interfaith Dialogue, Rural Economic Development & Poverty Alleviation, Teacher Development in the U.S., Tolerance & the Arts, Trafficking in Persona, Transparency & Accountability in U.S. Government, U.S. Governance, U.S. Judicial Systems, and Youth Outreach from a Government Perspective.   

Based on the theme, we design professional itineraries and positive American experiences, cultural outings, dinners in homes, etc., for hundreds of distinguished visitors every year.  The meetings we arra and the experiences visitors have on their own allow them to form their own opinion of the United States.

IVC of Philadelphia seeks a full time permanent International Program Officer to work in a fast-paced and friendly environment.  The International Program Officer reports to the Executive Vice President and the President and manages the U.S. Government’s highest exchange, the "International Visitor Leadership Program" – IVLP, for the region, which includes Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Long term commitment preferred and valued.

The position involves creating professional itineraries and American cultural experiences for distinguished guests from abroad.


- Detail oriented, detail oriented, detail oriented!
- Minimum of five years work experience
- Excellent organizational and time management ability
- Ability to handle logistics with ease
- Strong written and oral communication skills
- Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
- Tenacious follow-up skills and ability to see programs through to completion 
- Ability to work independently, under supervision and supervise 1-2 interns
- Superb word processing and electronic communication skills
- Have the maturity, patience and diplomacy to work well with a wide variety of people
- Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, Library Science, Public Administration, or related field  
- Master’s preferred, but not mandatory
- Knowledge of MS applications, including Word, Excel and Outlook; must be comfortable learning new programs
- Knowledge of Philadelphia region and a commitment to the City and region
- Knowledge of Philadelphia's history and its role in forming the United States
- Committed to promoting international understanding and providing an accurate view of the United States
- People-oriented person who enjoys meeting people from other cultures

Ideal characteristics for this position include: Exquisite organizational skills and a strong eye for details; great interpersonal skills and phone manner; enjoys meeting people from other cultures; strong knowledge of the region’s resources and the maturity to interact with distinguished guests from abroad.

Minimum of five years work experience, including some non-profit experience; experience working with volunteers; ability to be a team player; cross-cultural sensitivity; a broad understanding of topics and issues in fields such government, politics, rule of law, economics, libraries, business, the social sciences, arts, humanities, education, etc.  The ability to quickly identify resources is important, as is the ability to secure the appointments.


1. Programming: Design professional itineraries and American experiences for guests of U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. This function involves: identifying experts, arranging appointments and sending confirmations; arranging hotel accommodations, transportation, dinner hospitality and sight-seeing; writing final itineraries; sending thank you letters to all appointments and entering information into databases.  It also involves providing international guest support at all times, including being available to State Department program officers and interpreters during evenings and weekends for unexpected situations.

2.  Develop and maintain good relations with national partners in D.C. Communicate with them on a regular basis with new reasons to focus on the Greater Philadelphia region for sending IVLP participants.

3. Billing: Work with staff to ensure proper invoicing for Department’s services.

4. Maintain Department’s Data: Maintain databases related to Department; and update resource information generated from the Department’s programming.  Populate the State Department’s cloud-based database with Philadelphia’s resources.

5. Statistics: Maintain accurate statistics for reporting to State Department and for Annual Report (funding depends entirely on accuracy).

6. Marketing:  Market Philadelphia region’s resources to State Department through proposals, online database, emails and calls.

7. State Department RFP’s: Regularly check State Department online program for delegations appropriate to Philadelphia’s resources and write proposals outlining appropriate resources.

8. Interns: Train and monitor Department interns and volunteers.

9. After Hours Events:  Attend IVC's 4 Board meetings as well as regular events, such as IVC’s 10 monthly First Thursday receptions, July BBQ fund-raiser, April Annual Meeting and others as they are developed.

Interested applicants with appropriate skills who are interested in a long-term commitment can send a detailed resume and a cover letter with a sentence or two about why they want to work in Citizen Diplomacy.  Overqualified candidates are welcome to apply.

Salary $40,000 plus benefits.  Please state your available start-date in your cover letter and email to hr@ivc.org.