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July 22 is THE DAY! 
American Summer Experience
It's a garden party -bring a hat!
It's S-p-e-e-d  Networking!
It's great food, French & Italian wines
It's beer from around the world!
It's a Restaurant Package Drawing!
It's dancing & it's not to be missed!

Florence, Italy

The relationship with Florence, Philadelphia's first Sister City, was established in 1964.  Located on the Arno River in the Tuscan region of Italy, Florence is both the heart of the Renaissance and a popular tourist destination.  Throughout the 13th centuries the city was known as the Athens of the West.  During that time, writers, artists, musicians and merchants flocked to the city to lay the groundwork for a culture that survives to this day. Florence is home to more than one-half million people that give the city a reputation as a world center for handicrafts, women's fashion, antiques and cinematic art.

Below are photos from BBQ 2010 Prize Winner Valerie Pearce's trip to Florence. 

Cathleen Compton, Chief of Staff of the Commissioner of University, Research and Youth Policies in Florence, visited Philadelphia in August 2010 with her husband, Giampiero Gallo.  She is orginally from the area but has lived in Florence for the past 20 years.  In fact, Cathleen and Giampiero met at International House while studying at the University of Pennsylvania!  While in Philadelphia, they met with many people including Honorable Luigi Scotto, Consul General of Italy in Philadelphia, and Anna Mattei, Ph.D.

Below are photos from various exchange trips to Florence and Philadelphia, including the Splendor of Florence in 2001.

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